Care and Maintenance

Follow our simple advice and your Quartz worktops will last a lifetime!

How do I clean my worktops

Each day it is advisable to perform a simple cleanse of the Quartz surface.

  • Clean the worktop with warm water and use a few drops of surface cleaner or antibacterial detergent, using a soft cloth.
  • Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water and dry it using a soft cloth.
  • Keep the surfaces clean and tidy throughout the day – this makes it easier to clean spillages and heavy-duty cleaning will not be required as often.
  • For heavy duty cleaning we recommend using a small amount of Bar Keepers friend 

What is the templating process?

The templating process is where a team member attends your property once your kitchen cabinets are in their fixed and final position and you have your sink, tap and hob at the property. They will take the measurements for your new worktops discussing all of your requirements ready for the manufacturing of the worktops. 

How do I pay my deposit?

The deposit can be paid in several ways to suit you. It can be paid on our website, via the showroom card machine, over the phone or an invoice can be sent to you so you can make a bank transfer.

What are the timeframes?

From templating the whole process from manufacturing to installation takes up to 10 working days to complete. This may extend slightly at busy periods of the year such as Christmas